animal testingIt’s me or the bunny!

I see all the ads flying around facebook telling people not to buy this brand because look at what the product did to the poor bunny.

Sorry, but if I had to choose who had the hair loss and skin rash it wouldn’t be me! It would be the bunny!

If I bought a cream for my face or ass, I would be pretty pissed if it gave me a severe reaction. That’s why they test this shit people, so we don’t have to!!!

I love animals, really I do. You can call me a sadistic bitch but would YOU buy something to slather all over your face (or ass) and suffer happily through the testing stage til they get it perfect? You might say the bunny wasn’t given a choice. No, of course not, it’s a BUNNY!!! Ifeel for the little bugger, I really do.  But at the end of the day, when I’m moisturizing, I sure am glad the product I used was tested til perfect, and I won’t wake up hairless with blisters and have to go to work like that!


“no animals were harmed during the writing of this rant, it was tested on teenagers.”



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