My husband is hot. Men envy his muscular physique. Women lust after his sexy, chiselled features. Grandmothers make comments like, “all men should look like that.” Even the babysitter goes all shy when he answers the door.

Whenever he strolls along, hand in hand, with our kids, he’s a magnet for admiring glances.  You can just imagine what happens when he is adorned with a baby in a papoose. He gets oogled and ogled, of course, because women of all ages just love a hot dad.

He knows he’s gorgeous. It’s nothing new.

Just last month he was in Vegas for a work convention. After a night out with some colleagues, he went back to his room to find two bikini-clad 20-somethings in the hallway by his door. The girls, part of a bachelorette weekend, were staying in the room across from him. They invited my husband to join them for a drink, IN THEIR ROOM!

He declined their offer and told them he was married. The one responded that she was engaged (to an ever-so lucky man, I must add) and enquired if he was, in fact, happily married…

So classy, huh?

This is my life. Not every minute but sometimes. It’s beyond my control, though, because the extra attention and the potential temptations simply come with the territory. My husband is a handsome businessman who travels for work. It’s part of his job to be away from home and he certainly can’t stop the fact that he looks amazing in a suit.

Recently, I was telling the Vegas story to a friend. Her response was, “I would hate that. Don’t you ever worry?” I didn’t have to think about my answer, which was, “no, I don’t.”

The fact is, I trust him. I have no reason not to. And upon further contemplation, I have plenty of reasons to.

Let me count the ways:

1. He’s a dedicated dad who prioritizes time with me and the kids. This lets me know that he values our family.
2. He has a mind of his own and isn’t swayed to do things he doesn’t want to do. I know that he’s capable of saying no.
3. He calls me when he’s away to make sure the doors are locked and to ask what we ate for dinner. Yes, this is everyday hum drum chat but it tells me that he cares and that he’s thinking of us.
4. He had lots of freedom in his younger years to do what he wanted to do. So I figure, he’s been there and done that.
5. He makes plans for us to go out, just the two of us or with friends. This shows me that he values our relationship.
6. Sometimes he tells me that I look beautiful which obviously makes me feel… beautiful.
7. If he’s away, and depending on the time zone, he’ll text or call me to say good night, every night. This makes me feel connected to him.
8. When women do put the moves on him, he tells me about it. This makes me feel like I’m “in the know.”
9. He brings me chocolate which indicates, without a doubt, that he wants to make me smile.
10. And, a subtle yet fantastic indicator that I can trust him is that, he smacks my butt, in passing, on a regular basis.  Obviously, butt smacking= I want your ass, which is encouraging.

If IT fades away, then yes I’ll start to worry, but until then my husband has my trust.

Now, bikini-clad girls, if you happen to be reading this and before you go chasing after my faithful, family-loving husband (I know such qualities tend to make a man even more lust-worthy) just know that his farts are plentiful and he leaves his snot rags all over the house. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s all about balance. Balance and reality, ladies. Nobody is perfect. 

So if you see a guy who looks like God’s gift to women, remember, he might just be a regular dad simply doin’ his thing.


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  1. totallybitteratthis

    My husband did all of this and more. He practically paid me so much attention I would get annoyed at times. He’d leave surprise flowers for me at work and drop by with lunch ( I taught) unexpectedly. When he had to renew his security clearance he came clean. He cheated ALL the time. On his lunch breaks. So often he couldn’t even remember how many times. For years. Probably still doing it now. Just, if you wanna live in the world you’ve created, fine. Good for you. I hope it’s real. But don’t sell it. Don’t sell it to others. I had a friend who’s husband was a serial upskirter. She was in so much denial, when I told her about what was happening to me, she said we couldn’t be friends anymore, called my husband a pervert, and said it was my fault because, of course, I wasn’t giving it up enough. She went there. She had a great love story and she needed it to be true. I had one too. You have one, but until we know for sure that’s all it is. It’s great having it though, I’d give anything to have mine back. But some people need to know the truth, want to know the truth, and deserve to know the truth. Your little rules to live by with a hot husband post isn’t truthful. It’s your truth, your affirmation. And it’s very problematic for your readers. Unless you’re just bragging. Cause it kinda sounds like you’re just bragging, a lot, in this post.

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