download (77)I always fail women.


I friend them, we have good times, laughter, wine conversation. There is light mutual support, activities and everything is good for awhile.

And then it get’s weird.  They seem to want more. They want to divulge every secret, work through their problems, help me with mine. They want the excitement of the early relationship  when really we are just slipping into a comfortable, yet independent  friend place.

They start to call – alot. Email, message . . . to me it feels like stalking.

I feel like they are trying to control me.

It all becomes too much and I fail them.

The problem?

I love my husband. He is my best friend. I tell him my secrets, we talk through problems, we drink a bottle of wine together. He gives me enough and because of this,  I have ZERO interest in sharing my deepest and most intimate with a girlfriend. My husband is my most intimate.   The girlfriends are just for fun!

Plus, women kinda suck. They are catty and competitive. They bitch and whine, moan and complain. They tell me things about their relationships that I really don’t want to know (keep your dirty laundry to yourselves please!) and it always seems to be a competition for who is skinniest/cleverist/prettiest/best at (fill in the blank)

I guess I just don’t understand women . . .

I get it.  You think I am a bitch. I understand .

Or quite possibly I am just tired of pathetic women. Women who bully and manipulate.

Just be yourself, and get on with your life. The friends I do have ( and keep!) are all independent women who know how to enjoy just enough time with me.  They have lives. and confidence and aren’t waiting by the phone to smother me.

So, “girlfriends” please just back off a little.  Realtionships progress from high school. If you want to be my friends, you need to follow my rules.


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