So I have never been a believer that people could “meet” on the internet and fall in love. I mean, come on! What about love at first sight? How does that happen if there is a computer, an internet, and millions of people in between you?

But I have a confession to make… I have fallen in love… online. No, not with a man! With a troop of women who “get me.” My BLUNTmom family.

I have moved around quite a bit so making long-term female friends has been tough. Trying to break into already solid girlfriend relationships has been hard, sometimes impossible. And I get that… time makes bonds solid.

But sometimes you find people you can relate with… can laugh with… share secrets with that you wouldn’t share with your most long-standing GFs. I know, I’ve done it.

Maybe it’s easier because we’re not face-to-face. But I can tell you… that doesn’t make it easier. You still feel the wrath, the disapproval… but what you also feel is the acceptance that we all go through tough times and do things of which we may not be proud.

What we do share is the struggle… to be a good person, a good mom, a good wife, good daughter…

So wherever you find your “TRIBE” embrace them… and share the love and joy that life has to offer.

Do you have an online TRIBE???


Hi, You can call me Leona... but I may not always respond. Leona is not my real name, it's more of a Nom de Plume. Isn't that fancy? You see, Leona, is someone I don't like, someone who makes me angry. So I use her to channel my BLUNTmom posts that most of the time wouldn't fly over at my "real" blog. So thanks, Leona, at least you're good for something! (Wasn't that nasty? That was Leona writing...)


  1. Humans are funny critters aren’t we? We invent this thing called the internet and immediately use it to make relationships. Makes sense… who is to say the people you will love best are in the place where you live? They might be a Momnado of bloggers who you get to hang with on Facebook… on Fridays…

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