Faking It

This isn’t a When Harry Met Sally kind of faking it post.  Although I’m sure there is a Blunt Mom or two that could give a lesson on that.  This is about the art of getting through life by the seat of your pants.  About pretending that you know what you are doing and being able to sell that everyone around you. It takes a tremendous amount of skill, a certain amount of confidence, and above all – it takes balls.  Big fat juicy balls.

I’m not talking about the sickeningly sweet gal in HR who likes to shove her nose up everyone’s ass or that perfect mom at playgroup who goes out of her way to be ridiculously nice so you really do think she’s perfect.  No.  I am talking about big time impersonation here.

I’m talking about the folks who give them selves titles like “maven” or “expert” and actually manage to convince people, with very little evidence to back it up, that they are INDEED an expert.  The reality is that , give or take a little, 50% of the time they really are, at best, mediocre at whatever it is the claim they are proficient at.  But, and it’s a big but, if they are a talented faker with a knack for learning on the fly they can actually pull it off.  And often quite well.

Passing yourself off as something you are not but aspire to be IS a talent.  A big talent. Many people try. Many people fail.  It truly is an art and when it works great things can come of it. And the truth of the matter is that not every “job” in life comes with a handbook.  Take this parenting gig for example. There is a lot of faking it going on there. Because there has to be.  It’s not like we’re raising robots here.

So “Fake it till you Make it”isn’t always a bad way to go (just ask U2). As long as nobody gets hurt along the way. Its all about give and take.  People who fake it almost always have to rely on others in some way to get to where they want to go.  Nothing wrong with that – as long as you give as much as you take.  Otherwise you just might make it but realize it’s awfully lonely at the top.


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  1. I’ve never liked the word “expert” unless it pertains to me and sleeping.

    Some people are so concerned about succeeding, they’ll do it at any cost. Even if, like you said, they’re all alone at the end.

    It’s not lonely where I am.

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