body image in menWith all the hype around body image these days it has become glaringly apparent to me that we are missing a huge part of this discussion.

All the posts and articles center on women’s perception of themselves and accepting and loving their bodies. Being non judgmental of others and themselves.

But no one has talked about MEN.
Men have an awful time with body image. Not their tummies, arms, thighs and such but something much closer to their egos: their penis.

While women who feel discontent with their bodies can have “work done”, men have no such opportunity.

They can’t have a penis implant or exercise more to improve girth.  And  their self worth is tied to this unalterable appendage.

Our society values men with bigger, longer, thicker shafts and so men are constantly comparing themselves to these impossible ideals.

Just like women, they seek reassurance everywhere that they are acceptable, normal, exceptional.

The difference is we as society don’t talk about this.

Sure, we all say “size doesn’t matter”, but when all the adult film actors are proving us wrong what are men to believe? 

So lets open the discussion to include the men.

Lets find a way to reassure them that they, like us, are amazing individuals.

That the size of any body part is not the measure of the person.


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