You may not know this about me, but I was in a movie with Kate Hudson. As in, Goldie’s daughter. Yeah huh. And by “in” I mean an extra, in one scene, but it made the cut. They even took my name. Trailer please.

I found extra work repetitive and soul sucking, so I stuck to waitressing like all good actors do. That was fifteen years ago. I still serve tables, but the internet has made it possible for my Hollywood career to soar like it so deserves.

I hear things, I read, I know they make movies online now. How hard can it be? I may not know how, but I’m one hundred percent sure casting is complete. I’m interesting enough for the net. Me, and my world. I will call it Me, and My World (fade to dream sequence … possibly Ryan Gossling is undressing.)

But first I guess I need to figure out “How to Make a Web Series”

Hmmm, it seems like a lot of work. I had no idea. I mean what about those little kids who say adorable things and go viral in a matter of minutes. Kittens. They get all the attention. How do they even contribute to society?


Angila has been writing since 1979 when she received her first diary, filling it with boy crazy nonsense and girly drama. It wasn't until the 21st century that she discovered writing was a healing tool to release inner chaos. When Facebook was invented Angila, who is an attention whore reveled in receiving likes and shares. Comments started pouring in that she should write a book. Knowing her lack of follow through and commitment issues, Angila ignored the advice and chose to blog. Detached From Logic is where she currently vomits her creative juices and allows the voices in her head a digital soap box. Her life long dream of having fans came when wordpress announced she had one follower. Unlike the stalkers in her life this one felt acceptable and welcomed.

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