Dear mommy friends:
Lets talk about weight loss. Not because you necessarily need to lose weight, that assessment I leave to you. We need to talk because every time you mention weight  loss it seems to come paired with some crazy plan.
You’ve confided in me about the blood type diet, diets with only mushrooms for dinner,extreme low-calorie with “cheat days” and a variety of others.
Every time this happens I don’t quite know what to do. I could provide advice you haven’t technically asked for. I could take what I know from my nutrition degree and personal experience, and try to steer you off your of the crazy plan. I could just nod and smile. Too often I nod and smile.
But here is my chance to provide some of that advice without turning our walk/coffee/play date into an awkward hour where you defend your cabbage diet.
Here are my food truths:
  • Sustained weight loss is not glamourous, it takes a long term change in your life style.
  • Temporary extreme changes lead to long term disappointment (and a lot of yo-yo strategies)
  • If your food is being consumed in only liquid form you are setting yourself up for a very miserable life (unless of course you are recovering from dental work, then food through a straw is ok for a bit)
  • Processed food does have calorie labels making it easier to track, but it wasn’t created with your health in mind. Its single goal is to make you want it and more and more of it. It is not real food, don’t live on it.
  • If you are eating in a way that you can’t imagine continuing for the next 10 years then stop!
 I know weight loss is tough, I pack on the pounds during pregnancy (hello 70lbs this last time around) and then slooooooooowly lost them over the year post baby with lack of sleep and limited time for fitness. It is hard, and I don’t always make the best choices, but I take a long term view and I believe we can achieve sustained healthy weights with this approach to weight loss.
So before you commit to only eating in the dark or avoiding foods with shadows consider my last point: Do you remember when your babies first started eating solids? Do you remember all those healthy choices you made for them. Feed yourself like you are feeding a child being exposed to food for the first time. Feed yourself with love.

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