It may surprise you, but the Blunt Moms have some pretty candid conversations (I know, a total shock huh?).

One of the topics that caused a virtual Momnado ™, was this article. Is this a thing we wondered? People actually pay $75 to have their lady bits steamed with herbs? So, is that a group activity or a private thing? How do you know when it is adequately herbed? Is there a sniff test or something? Hmmm – Basil with an afternote of turmeric… perfect.

The Blunt Moms had some views on this when we discussed it during a recent board meeting (there is no board, it is Facebook and we were drinking).

The girls had a thing or two to say about herbal vagina steaming:

  • I would pay $75 for a lot of things for my vagina. This is not one of them.
  • Now you don’t need a naked picture of Ryan Reynolds to get you moist
  • Help correct digestive disorder = your scalded nether-regions will cause permanent clenching. You’ll never poop again.
  • Now your vagina will finally get rid of that sinus infection.
  • Herbed, for his pleasure.
  •  If I’m gonna pay $75 bucks to spend 30 minutes getting moist there had better be a happy ending involved
  • I would TOTALLY do this… sounds kinda fun! Wonder if you can get a pedicure at the same time?
  • Please make #vagsteamer trend.
  • I thought it was kookoo until it promised fertility increase. Then I would totally jump on board for that.
  • I don’t know about vagina steaming services, but I guarantee if it follows the rules of hair dressers and dry cleaners, the “ball sack moisturizing” option for men will be $15.
  • Doctor, doctor, my vagina has 3rd degree burns.
  • My underwear is now lined with sponges.
  • Gives new meaning to someone asking you “Is it hot enough for ya?”
  • Vagsteamer. New from Bissell
  • Beer can chicken for women?
  • Can you picture that retro row of 60’s ladies under hair dryers photoshopped to put them all on vag steamers?
  • What is that smell??? Every man in the neighbourhood is loitering around the salon vent outside.

In the final analysis, there won’t likely be a BluntMom vagina steaming outing for our annual Christmas party.

What about you? $75 for a steamy undercarriage?





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  1. Oh this kills me, that picture couldn’t be any more perfect. Maybe there should be a follow up post on vagina bedazzling!

  2. Sounds like the Blunties will be saving their pennies for adult beverages instead.

    Did #vagsteamer end up going viral?

  3. OH MY! “Herbed for his pleasure!!!” is there garlic in this steaming? I have read garlic is often used to ‘cure’ yeast infections…..

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