Editor’s note: the author may or may not drink and use Chateau de Cardboard in her crockpot cooking of game venison, but the name has a great ring to it. Opportunities like this aren’t to be wasted.

All right ladies and gents, this be an easy one. Easy matters in my life for the obvious reasons: I am a working mother trying to live family life to the fullest and prefer to let my slow cooker do the grunt work.

Once your whole house smells heavenly and you think you might salivate like your toddler does, it’s ready. Serve with cheese toast or bannock and a thick glass of red.

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Heather was born a mom in 2009 but is still working out the kinks. She loves the CBC, aspartame beverages that are toxic and delicious, her profession, the 3 guys she shares a home with, and (sometimes) being a parent. A believer that moms are born too, she writes about her business because words make her happy and happy is good.

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