I’m really not a feminist

First of all, wouldn’t that title make an awesome nail polish color? OPI, hit me up. I have more ideas where that came from.

So, as suggested, I don’t think I would consider myself a feminist. I’m actually not even sure we know what a feminist is anymore. I’ve read like, 15 different definitions of that word over the past year and none of them felt like a perfect fit. But I do have a passion for empowering and championing women. I think women are awesome, and are capable of a hell of a lot more than they get credit for. So, whatever that makes me is what I am.

I’m not sure when it started, but I have gotten to the point where I am so fucking tired of watching women settle. Like, enough already. I have gotten past the polite “smile and nod” routine when a friend says something that makes my brain hurt. She says “He doesn’t have a job, but he’s really funny!” and I say “Uh no, bullshit. Shut it down”. Or she says “I got a new job. It doesn’t pay, but it’s a great opportunity”. Before, I might have just smiled and said “That’s wonderful, Jill”. But not anymore. Now I say “You’re worth more than $0.00, ma’am. Keep looking”.

I feel like we have reached this point as a culture where we can either start calling bullshit, or we can just sit around and let our girlfriends settle for less than they are worth. Personally, sitting around isn’t my strong suit. Calling BS, on the other hand, is something at which I am quite gifted. I am tired of watching my friends date idiots just to spare their feelings. I’m not going to let another woman end up broke because she took a job that promised big things and never delivered. I’m not going to believe my friend when she tells me she’s happy but the light has gone out in her eyes. Nope, not anymore.

We’ve gotta do better. As women, as friends, as mothers. We have to demand more for ourselves and for each other. In the era of #metoo and #timeisup, let’s call bullshit on more than just creepy men. Like, don’t we deserve more than just a few hashtags and inspirational speeches? Don’t we deserve a culture where women are encouraged to dream bigger, reach higher, fight harder? It’s more than just one thing; it’s all the things. We have to be the girlfriends that our girlfriends need. We have to push ourselves, because Jesus knows no one else is going to do it.

Let’s rally, friends. Let’s stop letting our friends live mediocre lives and instead spur each other on to greatness.  It starts with you, and it starts with me. One conversation and a time, we can change the narrative that women are meant to survive. We can show the world we were born to thrive.

Shit, maybe I am a feminist.

Madeleine Kohnen is a wife and mom of 2, but wait there’s more! She is also a self proclaimed #badassbabe and wants to help other women become one, too. Madeleine started her blog, Thrive Thirty One, as a way to connect with women who feel like they are stuck in survival mode, and are ready to thrive. She believes in the power of community, wine and a good cuss word. She also believes that leggings are, indeed, pants and refuses to hear other opinions on the matter.Website: http://thrivethirtyoneblog.com
Facebook page: http://facebook.com/thrivethirtyone
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thrivethirtyone

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