My period is a powerful force and not one to be trifled with when it comes to food. I’ve seen too many articles telling women how to eat well during your period or how to curb your cravings. I’m not hearing that. Emily Dickinson once wrote, “The heart wants what it wants.” I’d like to fine-tune this quote and declare, “The period wants what it wants.”

Let me clarify this a bit more. When I have my period, I want to dip the raspberries in the Nutella and shove them in my mouth. I want to stick my fingers in a tub of Cool Whip before I plop some on my angel food cake. I want to take that whole thing of sprinkles and just shake it into my mouth. I also don’t give a damn if there’s Nutella or Cool Whip on my face or on my t-shirt while I eat it because I am woman hear my period roar.

Last week at the grocery store, the cashier understood what my body was up to when she rang up the Midol, tampons, maxi pads, and six different types of chocolate bars. She gave me a nod and a wink that silently said, “the period wants what it wants.”

I know you saw me at the gym drinking carrot ginger juice after I ran four miles on the treadmill. Little did you know that night my period arrived. I ended up baking two dozen Snickerdoodle cookies and I ate half of them while binge-watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

You probably think I’m such a great mom because after school I asked my kids, “Who wants to go get ice cream?” It was a selfish suggestion because I’m the one who wanted ice cream. I was just trying to snag some “cool mom” points with my kids while satisfying the strawberry milkshake craving I had.

It’s admirable that some women are able to cut out all the junk food they crave during their period. I, however, welcome these cravings during that time of the month. I’m not afraid to admit that my period is more powerful than me. The period wants what it wants.


Deana Morton lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and two kids. She is a radio DJ and freelance writer. She always has lipstick in her purse and has never met a cheese plate she didn’t like. Follow her on Twitter!

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