I can no longer be silent. When your actions and your words have a negative impact on my family, children of this country, and every community. I tried to be nice. I tried to be civil. But you name call and throw around untruths. You stand behind a man who lies after lies. Someone who mocks everyone who disagrees with him. Someone who has never had to answer for his actions. You stand behind someone who reminds every sane person of the elementary school bully. And I can take it no more.

I was never one to argue politics. If my guy didn’t win, it wasn’t the end of the country. But that all changed in 2016. I prayed I was wrong and maybe, just maybe Trump wouldn’t be as bad as I thought he would be. I have to say he wasn’t, he was much, much worse. In all my twenty-plus years as a voter, I never have been outraged as I am now.  I’m not anti-republican but I am anti-Trump.

You believe every lie that has come spewing from his mouth. There can be documented proof of him saying one thing, then later he denies it and still you believe. You soak it up like a dying man crossing the Sahara. You say you can’t believe the media because it’s all fake news. There wasn’t such a thing as fake news until the Irritating Orange deemed it so. I have pointed this out to you and you’re silent since you know it’s true.

The words that come out of his mouth are flat out ridiculous. About the fires in California, first, it was because of forest management not cleaning up the leaves on the ground. Now it’s because dead trees explode. Explode! How can you be so stupid that you believe this is even a possibility. He has ads of riots and says this is Biden’s America. No, this is Trump’s America. This is HIS presidency and these events are happening under HIS watch. I could go on and on, but I don’t have that kind of time.

You call those of us who believe in science and facts sheeple. Sorry, but I will put my trust in experts who have had years of schooling and have spent their life studying their area of expertise instead of a man who brags about passing a cognitive test that’s meant to see if he has signs of dementia. To say we’re living in fear just for the fact we believe in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from a virus that could possibly have life long consequences or even death is ludicrous.  A simple mask is seriously the least you can do to protect others and yourself. This whole “it infringes on my rights” is complete horse shit. You have no problem with no shirt, no shoes, no service or wearing a seat belt in your own vehicle, or having to remove your shoes, belt, empty your pockets at the airport. The only reason you refuse to wear one is because of your almighty leader has told you not to and refuses to wear one himself. Even though you have heard his voice on tape admitting he knew way back at the end of January he knew this virus was bad news and much worse than the flu, you still play into his agenda to drive the nation apart. In August, for the first time in history, almost 40 countries had banned Americans from entering their country because of our lack of ability to get Covid under control. But, yeah, this is “just” a flu.

And oh no, the governor of your state issued a mask mandate. Heaven forbid he or she cares about those who reside in their state. You ask why the numbers are going up since there’s a mask mandate. It’s really a simple answer. Because YOU, my friend, don’t wear one. I’ve seen you at the store sans mask or taking it off as soon as you’re through the door. I’ve seen the crowded bars, the big parties you’re throwing. I see you cite low death rates as the ICUs fill to capacity, not even caring about the over 200,000 citizens who have died. Or the thousands who now have life long heart or lung issues.

Your devotion to this dictator is alarming. And yes he is a dictator. He acts as he has absolute control, there’s no checks and balances of his abuse of power (his posse has helped this along), he has used his position to make money for his and his family’s businesses. He has gassed peaceful protestors for a photo op with an upside down Bible. If one does not agree with him, he will ridicule them, or silence them (how often do we hear from Dr. Fauci anymore?) and he refuses to commit to handing off the presidency peacefully if Biden is elected.  You are part of the Trump cult, but even serial killers have their fans.

I have a suggestion for you: get your head out of your ass and stop listening to and acting like the man-child who pretends to run this country. Start caring, stop turning a blind eye. The democracy of this country is in trouble.
BA Eubank is a mother of 5 children and has been through all the stages from colicky baby to one who has left the nest. She is finally trying to make time for her passion of writing. Her writing has appeared on Blunt Moms and Red Tricycle. You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/writerpoetdreamer

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