I love my Kobo. While nothing beats the feel of a book in my hand, the ability to carry around my entire library in my purse just can’t be beat. I will read anywhere, anytime I can steal a few minutes to myself.

Kobo knows how much people like you and me love our books, and so to reward those of us who are constantly looking for a new adventure, they’ve created Super Points. The more ebooks you purchase, the more Kobo Super Points you can earn towards purchasing your next tale of passion and heartbreak. There’s a VIP program too, that gives you 10% off an exclusive list of over 1 million titles, double the Kobo Super Points and more!

If that wasn’t a great enough reason to go scope out the latest book offerings, you should know that Kobo has also got a great Share the Love Contest. Every week you can enter for a chance to win great prizes including cash, eReaders, Kobo Super Points and a Grand Prize of a once in a lifetime travel experience. Earn extra ballots in the contest by sharing your posts to Twitter and Facebook.

And don’t forget to watch this video to find out more about Super Points and the Share the Love Contest!

Happy reading, friends.


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