download (16)There is that line going around where they say racism is a learned thing – (sic) “my kid is two and the only thing he hates is naps”

I agree, and want to raise that to EVERYTHING is a learned behavior.


Including bullying.

And bad attitudes, poor work ethic, & feelings of entitlement.

All the things that basically make someone an asshole . . . well, they are learned.

And guess what, wanna know where they learn them from?


Mom and Dad.

If your kid is a jerk, or a bully, I am going to bet that you are one too.  If your little princess is a high needs diva .. .  guess where she learned her bitchy attitude and love of expensive shoes.

And if little johnny is walking around the playground pushing over the little kids . . . I am going to think that he saw some older, (theoretically) wiser adult figure doing this as well ..  . an adult figure who made it seem ok to bully and harass.

And as a parent, if you can see that your kid is a jerk, take a look in the mirror and try to narrow down where that behavior was learned, (because it WAS learned) And if you figure it out, change it. . . don’t let your kid continue to be an jerk.

And one more point in this.

If your friends kid is a pain in the ass, or rude little monster . . . I am going to go out on a limb and guess that eventually your friend is going to show their true colors and be the same.

So, what did we learn people?
Don’t be friends with mean people.
Don’t be friends with people who have mean kids.

And for god sake people, don’t let your kids be friends with mean kids either. . .  you know exactly what is going to happen in the end.

And maybe, one day, a bunch of lonely bullies will finally realize why no one is hanging around anymore?




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