When Dorothy needed to find her way home, she followed the yellow brick road. That’s probably because Dorothy didn’t have Facebook. If she had a smartphone she would have Google Mapped her way out of that ridiculousness and got home sooner I’m pretty sure. When I was lost AF in a tornado of my own I had the benefit of my smartphone and I found my way by following the little green dots.

You know what I mean… the glowing green circle on Facebook Messenger that indicates your friends are online. My life was falling apart at the seams in every way and I was lonely and depressed with only my own shitty company to console me. I did what any millennial in a crisis would do. I followed the little green dots and found my way home.

I am blessed to have friends across many time zones, all over the world. I hopscotched across a horrible night with a little help from my friends who make their presence known by sharing their availability for conversation. They kept me company, listened thoughtfully, encouraged, rallied and raged with me in the loneliest night I’ve had in a long time.

People say that online friends aren’t really “real” friends, like Oz isn’t really real. To that I say, leggings might not be “real” pants but they still make your ass look fantastic. My friends gave my sagging rear end dragging behind me like Eeyore’s pitiful tail the lift it needed in my darkest hour. My online friends are as real as it gets (and they would totally help me pick out leggings if I asked).

I didn’t have a yellow brick road to follow, no munchkins cheering me on, but my Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion were available at the click of a mouse as I followed the little green dots to the winding end of a difficult time. The tornado was touching down but I had all the help I needed, virtually.



Alison Tedford is a hot mess mom, daily writer of funny and serious shit, cookie arsonist and hogger of the bed. She's Canadian, but not sorry at all.

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