I hate the way facebook has turned into pinterest.  I used to enjoy creeping on other people’s lives.  Now I could care less about what Tammy had for supper, or what recipe she used.

I don’t want to see photos of your 15 children all perfect.  (although it is fine for me to post a 100 photos of my newborn daily! shut it) If I see 1 more of these stupid your e cards again I’m going to scream.


This  one gets me. Every time.  Okay I could see how it would be funny to the outside world. Ha ha.  My kids haven’t died yet so I’m a good mom.

But what if you child has died?  What does that make me?  A terribly emotional, grief stricken, over sensitive mom.  Yes I’m still a mom to my daughter even if she didn’t have a chance to live on this earth.  I have a son who I am very over protective of.

There is so many emotions that comes with being a bereaved parent, things like this just adds to it.  For months I blamed myself.  After all isn’t it the 1 thing I’m supposed to be able to do right?  If I let her die inside of me then it must be my fault.  I must be the worlds worst mother.

I hope the person who made this never has to know the heart ache that this bullshit card has caused.  It’s been floating around for far too long.  What is worse is that people I know forward t to ME.  What the flying monkeys is that about?  Don’t you know I’m not going to laugh?  That I’m going to hit the unfriend button and remove you from my life.

Maybe I am over sensitive and can’t find the humor right now in this card.  Maybe one day I’ll look back and be like oh ya good one.  (Not likely) But right now if you think I’m being stupid for being pissed off about this card, then you my friend can get over it!



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  1. I have never thought of it that way. Your right. I also think of the mothers who have lost older children and think this would be a kick in the face as well. Sorry.

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