Some days I worry that my kids are becoming a chemical toxic filter in human form. I quietly freak out about Wi-Fi and cell signals giving them brain tumours. Ok, I am not in need of a tinfoil hat yet, but I am a Mom, and it is my nature to worry.

Then there is the whole nitrate, MSG, red dye thing. What kind of evil troll makes orange chips that have not one single natural ingredient? Ugh. It might not actually make my kid radioactive, but why take the chance?

I try to practice what I preach and make sure I don’t put anything shady ingredients-wise into my body. I load up on vitamins because I’m not eating any kale, but when I read the labels, too often I find all sorts of extra stuff in there. It’s like a clown car of questionable-ness. I want a supplement that’s good for my body, not something as sketchy as a spring break hot tub. If I’m going to end up with extra I didn’t ask for, please let it be in my bank account and not in what I take to fuel my body.

Is it so much to as for something 100% free of the stuff you don’t want, 100% of the time? Is it too much to ask that my vitamins be non-GMO, free from gluten, dairy, artificial flavours and colours, and preservatives. Why does it need to be a different colour? It’s a vitamin. I’m gonna swallow it. It doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to do its job! That’s why I was glad I found Sundown Naturals®. It’s all that, and the first broad line vitamin that is 100% non-GMO to be sold in pharmacies.

I think I might be fighting an uphill battle with all the label reading I do, but I have standards and Sundown Naturals® exceeds all of them. After all, I want to glow from health and wellness, not weird chemicals and dyes.

This post is brought to you by Sundown Naturals® but the images and opinions are my own.


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