Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the women in your life? We’ve been searching high and low for the most amazing things for the women in ours. Here’s what we found:

For your sister

She’s an up and coming entrepreneur trying to make her way in the world. She’s a girl boss and when she’s not kicking ass, she’s taking names and business meetings. She needs to stay organized to achieve her goals, but she doesn’t want to be boring about it. She’s building an exciting life herself and she wants accessories that shine as bright as she does. That’s where the Luxe Pocket Planner from Galison come in. This conveniently sized planner (4.5 x 5.75″) fits in your handbag or backpack and allows you to easily plan your weekly and monthly activities.  They feature an embossed foil cover as well as 192 gilded page edges. Planners are undated – but you should totally write down when you’re getting together for drinks to toast her successes.

For the PTA mom who keeps you on track

She has classic taste and an appreciation for understated elegance. She’s always got a list going of things to do, and seems to always have everything close at hand. You can always count on her to have something at her fingertips to keep the kids entertained so you can finish firming up the next fundraiser uninterrupted. That’s why you selected this beautiful set of treasures to add to her cache of goodies in that purse full of magic. The designer William Morris is well known for his unmistakable tapestries, fabrics, wall paper and even stained glass. His work has been used for over 150 years on decorative as well as functional products. The William Morris Celandine and Dove & Rose patterns are used for these handmade embroidered journals, cotton zipper pouches and playing card set.

For your mom

She’s the glue that holds the family together. After all these years, she’s shown you what family means. She’s set the example for you to follow in motherhood and you wonder if she felt like she was making it up as she went along too. She always looked so natural, like it came easily to her and the light that radiates from her warms the people in her circle. That’s why you choose Happiness Inc, for clothing with a positive message that will keep her warm like her hugs kept you warm.

For yourself

Every day is about everyone else, you need to leave some room for you. You enjoy getting dressed up for date night or a night out with the girls and you’re confident about your body. You love the way your figure looks in dresses and pencil skirts but you don’t love that uncomfortable feeling from the friction you get when your thighs rub. At the same time, you are not into shape wear. No thanks, Spanx. That’s why you need some Thigh Society in your life. They are comfy shorts you wear under that beautiful Christmas dress and the only fire is going to be the one in the fireplace. They are moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchy, and seamless. If a unicorn and a cloud had a baby, it would be these shorts.

Disclosure: Samples from these companies were provided for promotional consideration however all opinions are our own.





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