Tweens are so much fun to shop for! We curated a special selection of our favourite gift ideas for the tweens in our lives that will make them Squee! or Sksksksks or whatever it is the young whipper snappers do these days. (What does yeet mean? Never mind. Just get back to shopping!)

Diamond Art Kits are great presents for creative kids. Place the diamonds one-by-one to make an amazing masterpiece. Time will fly! They’ve got nature themes, portraits, a wide range of art projects for your kids to take on that will keep them entertained and making something magical.

Smartypits has a new scent out just for the holidays, Almond Biscotti. It’s a natural deodorant, it’s aluminum free and has a super strong and super healthy formula. It’s a great stocking stuffer and your kids won’t smell like a sock after they use it.

Limeapple is a girls boutique clothing store that features activewear, accessories, cozy, casual, swim and baby wear. They also give 5 meals for every item you buy so you’re giving back to the community when you shop!

The Blinger™ Diamond Collection is a fashionista’s dream – add bling to your hair and clothes and really sparkle. The VSCO girl on your list will love these gems!

Peacefrogs is all about positivity and good vibes! This line of clothing is comfortable, durable, stylish and high quality. Find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

The HP Sprocket is  compact printer that will bring your smartphone photos to life. Relive every moment and let the fun begin with this high tech gadget that is sure to delight!

Your VSCO girl can make her own bath bomb with this kit from Craft City. The ingredients are high-quality and safety-tested with customizable scent and colour.

This jewellery by IsabelleGrace is full of personality and sure to inspire the whimsy of your VSCO girl. It’s perfect to slide into a stocking for Christmas morning.

A beautiful, convenient and progressive period solution, Jimmyjane’s mindful and eco-friendly Silicone Menstrual Cups were specifically designed to fit perfectly, protect comfortably and remove easily. 100% safe for internal wear, the Cup’s medical grade silicone construction is FDA approved and extra durable.

The Pocket Mod Electric Scooter From Razor comes in purple and black (we chose black!) and has a weight maximum of 170LBS and age limit of 13+.  Check out our Publisher’s review here and have a watch of this video:

Another great option from Razor is this one, the Power A5, which can go 10 mph (16 km/h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time  and has an anti-rattle folding mechanism provides a quieter ride..:

Have a watch of this review:



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