FINALLY they have a club I want to join!  I was never your PTA mom, or a a soccer coaching kind of gal. Nor did I do sororities, or other “mom clubs”. Heck, I don’t even want to come to your LulaRoe party…. BUT- a WINE CLUB!  I am all over that.

And they make it so simple- login, take a quick survey about your preferences and then they will RECOMMEND the wines for you!  Bing, bang, boom, order your wine, and it gets shipped to you door.

You don’t even need to get dressed!!!  (this is seriously the best thing)

And even better- right now they have a special!  SALE wine!!! Come on… take my money!

Check it out ladies… and let me know when you join the club!


Expand your palette this year with Winc, a wine club that brings personalized spirits to your doorstep.

How It Works

Take a six-question survey to help Winc understand your taste preferences. Winc will then put together recommendations for different wines you might enjoy. Each bottle you receive comes with in-depth tasting notes, and you can select the ratio of red versus white you’d like. To get you started, Winc is offering 4 bottles for $30 or $20 off your first order!


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